Our Troupe has over 150 active members.  Here are some of the many scallywags you might encounter when you board our ship:

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Damashi of Tora, the Marquis of Gascony; Flottille Commandant

Damashi D'Gascoigne is the Royal Attaché to the French Crown and Commandant of the privateer flotilla known as Clan Darksail.
Damashi has been a sailor his whole life, rising up through the ranks from cabin boy to carpenter, bos'n and more, before accepting the position of Quartermaster on the La Villa A Broka, a position he held for quite some time. As the crew grows ever larger, he has stepped down as QT to focus entirely on running the fleet.


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Sean "Mac" MacTaggert; Captain of the Kronos

Mac is captain of one the of flotilla ships, the Kronos, and is also the current acting Capitaine of the LVAB while a suitable replacement is found. Mac is an imposing Scotsman from Mingulay Bay in the Orkney Isles, a barren rocky place that breeds hearty men.  And while he is often seen in the company of the ship's ladies, he never shirks his duties to do so.  To cross him or make a sheep joke could very well end badly for the errant crew who decides to do so.

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Dimitri le Perdu; Navigator

Dimitri (whose family name, Perdu, means "lost", by the way) is the Navigator of the flotilla stationed aboard the La Villa A Broka.  He answers only to the Capitaine and Commandant, so he tends to stick to himself inside his cabin most days at sea.  On land, however, he is a notorious gambler and womanizer; and it is a wonder he ever makes it back on ship on time to cast off.

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Thorfinn Hausakljufer; Quartermaster

Thorfinn is not a man you want to cross.  While just and fair, as the QT he is both in charge of provisions as well as meting out punishment to crew who have somehow transgressed.  Whether it's shirking duty, being drunk while on duty, gambling on the Lord's Day, cheating at dice, or just plain insubordination, it seems like Thorfinn is constantly having to let the "cat out of the bag" and taking his trusty 9 tails to the back so some poor schlub who deserves it.

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Christophe Colbert; Boatswain

Monsieur Colbert (one of the few officers who refuses to allow the crew to call him by his first name) is the current bos'n of the La Villa A Broka, having been appointed to the flotilla by his Uncle, the Royal French Naval Commander Jean-Baptiste Colbert.  The Secretary of State sent his nephew to "openly spy" on the crew by keeping an eye on them in the New World, but despite this he is well liked and respected by the crew, and is widely rumored to be the next Capitaine of the ship.  Crew morale is at an all time high under Colbert as bos'n, who leads them in song and keeps them well liquored in their off hours.

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Arcangelo D'Beretta, Gunnery Sergeant/Master of the Cannons

As the 3rd son in line for the Beretta fortune (yes, the same gun company that has been making arquebusses since the 1490s) Arcangelo set out to make his own fortune by selling his family's guns and cannons on the road. Essentially "buying" his postion as Gunny on board the LVAB did not make him popular at first, but his extra-ordinary skills as a cannoneer quickly won his crews over.


Isabella de Coronzano; Coxswain

Isabella de Coronzano, daughter of the Baron de Coronzano and the current Coxswain (in charge of the oarsmen and longboats) on board the flagship La Villa A Broka.
As the Oarsmen are the second wave ashore or overboard after the Vanguard (marines) Isabella had to prove herself to be as tough and capable as any fighter aboard ship. And she is, mightily.

More Crew Biographies coming soon!